I’m hoping that you had a very safe and happy New Year. With the New Year comes resolutions… and in other words… changes (hopefully for the better)!

At YEA, we don’t officially make any resolutions, but we do have some changes happening now and in the near future.

The first of which is the retirement of Charlotte Allison. Charlotte has lead our sales team for the last few years and has helped us grow revenue on the podcast side immensely. But she’s ready to spend more time with the grandkids, which she deserves! We’ll miss her very much.

With that we’ve hired Kelly Parker. And old friend and colleague, Kelly worked at iHeartMedia (and formerly Clear Channel) for many years. We’re very excited that she wanted to join the YEA team and lead us to even greater heights.

Also in the next few months, you’ll see additional growth of our radio shows, a few new high-profile podcasts and more! Stay tuned!