About George Laughlin

George Laughlin is the CEO of YEA Networks, a company which builds, develops and syndicates content on entertainment channels.  George took on the role in 2011, after leaving his position as Vice President at Townsquare Media. Townsquare Media was the firm that acquired the company Laughlin established – GAP Broadcasting LLC. While he was at the helm, the broadcasting firm had 60 radio stations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. 
Since George Laughlin became Chief Executive at YEA Networks, it has undergone significant growth, undertaking a slew of deals and investments with: Dish Nation, The Infinite Agency, Podcast Movement, Premier Agency, Radio DJs, Simple Booth, Spoke Media, and YEA Podcasts, among others.
Laughlin has a BA in Journalism from Louisiana State University (1991).  He has been married to Stephanie for 23 years and they have 3 children, Gracie, Ashley and Preston, for whom he named GAP Broadcasting. He loves animals and travel; he is an avid sports cards and comic collector; and he loves to play bocce and shuffleboard and to watch LSU Football.

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